I am a multi-disciplinary designer, hailing from the centre of old Damascus. I’ve been designing commercially for more than 11 years and have worked for small design agencies, from 2000 to present. Since then I’ve played a key role in the launch of many brands in Dubai and Syria such as: Dubai Isalmic Bank, Dubai Bank, Dubai Commercial Bank, Bank Sohar, Meraas Holding(Hubzero, Playtwon, The Green Planet, Dome Box), Emaar, Landmark Group: (homeCentre, Centerpiont, Splash, Shoe Mart, ICONIC, max, Q home decoré, Babyshop, E-max), Rasassi, Etisalat Dalil, TRA, DOT, DTS, Welldone, Emirates Post, Dewa, ABU DHABI TV, SilkRout, Agthia:(Al Ain Water, Caprisun, Grandmills, Yoplait), Tamweel, Al Shamsi Group(Zara, Vincci, Okaidi Obaibi), Abu Dhabi Airports, Abu Dhabi Duty Free, Unilever(lux, Lipton, Veet, bond, Closeup, Vaseline, Fear & lovely) Aujan Group(barbican, Vimto, Rani) IFCO( Noor oil, Rahma Oilive oil), ALADIB note book, Abu Arab Haider Group, Cham City Center, Ansco and more which have gone on to be a huge commerical success. In addition I freelance as DoArt; this is where I get my fair share of recognition for my work.
I’m your typical creative; I’ll buy something because the box is nicely designed, I’ll try and name typefaces walking through the shopping mall, I’ll be skeptical of a restaurant with poor menu design. I’ll over-analyse the message behind everything I see, which makes me truely think about everything I see… and how I could do it better.

Let’s work together.

UAE, Dubai Media City.
+971 552129705

Rebranding of Abu Dhabi duty free
honor date: 
Jul 2014  honor issuerTransform Awards MENA
honor description:
Best implementation of a rebrand
Silver – Abu Dhabi Airports and Face to Face
The Skills:
Branding - Identity  - Illustration - Videography - Calligraphy - Packaging design -  Animation
Drawing & Sketching -  Website Design -  3d design -  Typography - Print Design - Visual Design Photography Making Coffee

Why Dubai?
I’ve been in love with Dubai ever since I fell in love with Design. I fell in love with the place, especially DMC. It manages somehow to be chaotic yet organised, loud but calm. That’s the kind of place I want
to be, and that’s the kind of place which can inspire to reach new creative heights.
Dubai it is mixed between the modern and classic, mixed between the Sea and desert. A lot of civilizations are existing here, Dubai really it is a such wonderful place.

Other Interests
When I’m not designing (which is rare, to be honest) I spend my time in drawing or doing calligraphy at home and should probably be good at it by now. Besides that I take an interest in all the usual
things; movies, art, reading. I’ve recently become curious about photography, and whilst I have no idea what I’m doing - it’s still great fun

Around the Internet
I’m active in lots of places around the internet, and always try to get involved in the community. If you’re into the whole stalking thing you can see what I’ve been up to here:
facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in .. and more

Work Experience
2018 / Duaa Abzeed
Creative Director | Branding Consultant | Social Media Specialist 

2014–2017/ promoseven360
Sr. Art Director
Advertising Agency.
Promoseven 360 is a full-service, integrated communications agency headquartered in Dubai, part of the Middle East Communications Network (MCN) which in turn is part of Interpublic Group.

2012–2014 / facetofaceuae
Jr. Art Director 
Advertising Agency. 
The Face to Face team originate from 10 middle eastern, western and far eastern countries. This creates a melting pot of expertise and experience of all levels, ages and backgrounds. A cohesive group of passionate professionals draw upon natural talent that has been nurtured in some of the worlds leading international agencies.

2009–2012 / Partnership
Graphic Designer - Senior Designer
Advertising Agency. 
Multicultural partnership of talent and skills that come from all over the world reflecting the world we live in. I have learn a lot about the advertising and grown up my exeperience in this field, intead of that I could understand the other culture to create some thing new.

2007–2009 / aladibdesign
Art Director
Advertising Agency. 
A small advertising Agency with huge targeted aims. Its commitment to consider customers as a partner along the way participating in suggestions considering the two parties benefit. from here I gain the knowhow about communication and how to presenting your creative “.. Why not?” It is Damascus, the most ancient capital in the history, was through antiquity a vital commercial and industrial center in the region.
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